Participants of the 2016 forum gained a solid understanding of the current PLM market and the dynamics impacting it, and developed realistic expectations for continued market evolution. In the information age, engineers learned how to encode mathematics and physics in analytical programs that can predict how things might work in the real world to a high degree of accuracy. ON same line now engineers and designers can pick materials with a high degree of confidence, and design components using them that would function as predicted. The emergence of “new” materials like plastics, ceramics, and composites required the development of new methods, analytics, testing, and other skills to ensure that these materials could function as required in current or new applications. CIMdata Public PLM Certificate Program leverages CIMdata’s internationally recognized PLM Certificate Program for Industrial Organizations and PLM Solution Suppliers. This assessment-based certificate program satisfies the main PLM education requirements of medium and large Enterprises. The program also provides primary PLM education to PLM solution suppliers (i.e., PLM software and Services organizations) and their employees; responsible for providing PLM implementation services.

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