CIMdata 2016 PLM Market & Industry India Forum “It’s a Material(s) World: This Changes Everything”


Date: April 11th 2016                Location: Courtyard by Marriott, Pune City Central

CIMdata ( and Brainwave Consulting ( are co-sponsoring India’s second CIMdata PLM Market & Industry Forum, the leading event exclusively for solution and services providers in the PLM global economy. This year’s Forum will provide insights on the current economic climate and trends and examine their effects on the global PLM economy, focusing on CIMdata’s perspective on the current state of the PLM market and trends for the future will be presented in detail, as will the first public release of CIMdata’s 2015 PLM market analysis results—including extensive analyses and forecasts regarding market growth across PLM domains, industries, and regions, and the performance (by revenue and market-share) of leading PLM solution and service providers.

Participants in CIMdata’s PLM Market & Industry Forum will gain a solid understanding of the current global PLM market and the dynamics impacting it, and develop realistic expectations for continued market evolution. Attendees will also gain insights into opportunities they can exploit and approaches they can use to navigate the global PLM market environment in the year to come, with specific focus on the three leading PLM global markets—the North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Time will also be dedicated to describe specific emerging markets for PLM, including India, China, Brazil, and Russia.

Who Should Attend?

  • PLM software solution providers
  • Non-PLM enterprise solution providers
  • PLM systems integrators
  • Value-added resellers
  • Analyst relations specialists
  • Marketing and competitive analysis professionals
  • Channel partners
  • Anyone involved in helping end users succeed in their PLM journey

Why Should I Attend?

  • You will be part of the industry’s first look at CIMdata’s analysis of the 2015 PLM economy
  • You will see the bigger picture on the current state of the PLM economy
  • You will understand what is driving the PLM economy
  • You will join like-minded peers in stimulating discussions about the PLM economy
  • You will find out how your company performs relative to others in the PLM economy
  • You will learn about emerging trends impacting the PLM economy

PLM professionals from PLM solution and service providers wishing to better understand the global PLM economy and the state of PLM and the main trends driving its adoption and evolution, focus their company’s service and solution strategies and plans, and compete successfully in the global and/or specific regional markets. Additionally, this event is open to industrial company PLM strategists and program managers who wish to gain a better understanding of the state of PLM and the main trends driving its adoption and evolution.

Throughout history we have seen that adding something to the materials mix typically moves society from one state to another. With each change, ways of working and building have been forced to adapt. More importantly, the introduction of a new material has often allowed us to build things that could not be contemplated using the previous generation of materials.

Some would argue that we are in the Information Age, which has brought us the tools, techniques, and processes in product lifecycle management (PLM) that support the way we define, design, engineer, produce, and support a wide range of products.

Engineers learned how to encode mathematics and physics in analytical programs that can predict how things might work in the real world to a high degree of accuracy. Materials handbooks summarize this information, so that engineers and designers can pick materials with a high degree of confidence, and design components that would function as predicted.

The emergence of “new” materials like plastics, ceramics, and composites required the development of new methods, analytics, testing, and other skills to ensure that these materials could function as required in current or new applications.

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing (3DP), is spawning a renaissance of materials and manufacturing capabilities that can potentially change everything. New materials are being engineered that have specific properties to serve new applications for manufacturing using 3DP. But will they have the desired properties?

This changes everything, AGAIN, and the PLM Economy must respond to help industrial companies optimize their adoption and use of new materials and their associated design, manufacture, and support processes.

Plan to be part of this important, industry shaping, conversation by joining your peers in the PLM Community at one of our 2016 Forum events.

CIMdata’s 2016 PLM Market & Industry Forum, the leading event designed exclusively for solution and services providers in the PLM economy, is a key deliverable for our PLM Community members.


Peter A. Bilello

President 3909 Research Park Drive
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Peter Bilello, President of the strategic management consulting and research firm CIMdata—an internationally recognized authority on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)—has more than 26 years of experience in the development of businessenabling information technology (IT) solutions for research, engineering, and manufacturing organizations worldwide. He has held positions in PLM analysis, selection, implementation, and training; CAD/CAM/CAE/CIM implementation and management; synchronous and lean manufacturing consulting; software engineering; and general data management strategy development and support. He has authored numerous papers and research reports on PLM and related topics, and his articles, commentaries, and perspectives have appeared in publications throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

As part of his continuing work in PLM, Mr. Bilello provides in-depth technical analysis, strategic and tactical business planning, market and channel development, and training services to a range of IT, PLM, CAD/CAM, and ERP solution providers, systems integrators, and resellers. Mr. Bilello also provides in-depth technical and business requirements development and assessment; system selection, education, training, and implementation planning; and quality assurance services, to a range of international companies in many discrete and process manufacturing industries, such as automotive (e.g., GM, Nissan, and Visteon), aerospace (e.g., EADS and Embraer), defense (e.g., General Dynamics and Rafael), heavy equipment (e.g., JCB, KONE, and Wärtsilä), high-tech electronics (e.g., Bang & Olufsen, Bose, HP, and Shure), consumer packaged goods/consumer products (e.g., Coca-Cola, GMCR, J&J, Kimberly-Clark, and P&G), telecommunications (e.g., 3COM and Tellabs), medical devices (e.g., Alcon and Ethicon), utilities/infrastructure (e.g., EDF and PBMR), pharmaceutical (e.g., Alcon and Abbott), and retail and apparel (e.g., Reebok and David Yurman), among others.

Mr. Bilello has been directly involved with consulting on the selection, integration, and implementation of large-scale PLM solutions. He has spoken on a number of different PLM-related topics in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia

Prior to joining CIMdata, Mr. Bilello worked for Delphi, where he was responsible, among other things, for the development of Delphi’s Enterprise Data Management Strategy and Enterprise Information Architecture, which was developed to integrate IT with business processes. Mr. Bilello was also responsible for the deployment and management of CAD/CAM/CAE systems and services for a $5 billion unit of Delphi. While at Delphi, Mr. Bilello worked extensively in component/supplier management software development, manufacturing systems engineering, and shop floor and synchronous/lean manufacturing support

Mr. Bilello also worked for General Motors (GM), where he was responsible for the development and support of systems that ran within GM’s “factory of the future” manufacturing research facility. Before joining GM, Mr. Bilello held various research positions including research assistant at the National Synchrotron Light Source at Brookhaven National Laboratory (a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory), and the State University of New York at Stony Brook. At SUNY Stony Brook Mr. Bilello supported various research contracts that were funded by the U.S. Department of the Army, DARPA, NATO, and other international agencies.

Mr. Bilello holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in Physics from the California State University, Fullerton, and a Master of Science in Engineering degree, in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, from The University of Michigan

Stanley M. Przybylinski

Vice President of Research
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Stan Przybylinski, Vice President of Research for the management consulting and research firm CIMdata—an internationally recognized authority on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)—has more than 30 years of experience in the development of business-enabling information technology (IT) solutions for research, engineering, and manufacturing organizations worldwide. He has held various positions in research and development, marketing, and communications with both Fortune 100 companies and small organizations.

As Vice President of Research, Mr. Przybylinski is responsible for CIMdata’s research agenda, including the CIMdata PLM Market Analysis Report series, recognized as one of the best and most complete sources of market data on the global PLM market. Other research interests include R&D management, requirements management, channel management, strategic marketing, and software delivery models. He is also the main author of the CIMdata blog, “The PLM Economy.”

Beyond his research work at CIMdata, Mr. Przybylinski has been directly involved with the selection, consulting, integration, and implementation of large-scale PLM solutions. He has experience working in the automotive, aerospace, consumer packaged goods (CPG), high-tech, and medical device industries. He has spoken on a number of different product lifecycle management-related topics in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Prior to joining CIMdata, Mr. Przybylinski was Manager of Market and Competitive Intelligence in the Corporate Marketing group for Dassault Systèmes, a market leader in PLM solutions. In this global role, Mr. Przybylinski was responsible for market monitoring and analysis, competitive analysis, strategic marketing, and the building of “communities of interest” in the Dassault Systèmes group, around market intelligence and competitive topics. One such group, the “Competitive Intelligence Advantage” community, was the largest (over 3,000 members), most active, and most popular across Dassault Systèmes’ hundreds of communities.

Before Dassault Systèmes, Mr. Przybylinski was a Senior Consultant at CIMdata, Inc., where he worked on projects for both PLM solution suppliers and end-user organizations. At the Industrial Technology Institute, Mr. Przybylinski was the system architect for the RAPTR project, an early groupware solution for collaborative project management for business process reengineering. Mr. Przybylinski also did pioneering work on the models and mechanisms of software technology transfer during his time at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon.

Mr. Przybylinski’s university education includes both Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Mathematics from the University of Vermont, and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from New York University. Mr. Przybylinski is also all but dissertation (ABD) in Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan. His continuing education includes CMII Certification from the Institute for Configuration Management