iDempiere ERP


ERP is an essential element in modernization of the organization. Key considerations for iDempiere ERP Implementation are:

  • Current manual system and local application will constraint growth plan
  • To gain competitive advantage and respond quickly to the dynamic market scenario
  • Adopt ERP systems as their peers have done so
  • Implement industry standard processes supported by ERP to match their MNS clients
  • Cost effective ERP solution comprising cost of application, implementation and support

At BrainWave Consulting we offer ERP solution for organizations to streamline business processes, improve operational performance and integrate business activities to enable organizations to achieve above considerations for ERP.

BrainWave successfully implemented iDempiere in SME s including Energy, Telcom and manufacturing companies.

Based on ERP, developed a Restaurant Procurement system for small restaurants in Australia.

Based on extensive analysis and assessment of different ERP s, BrainWave Consulting recommends implementation of  mainly for SME s.

Following are the key considerations of  ERP offering:

  • Enriched over period since 2006 with release – Compiere,  Adempiere, iDempiere
  • Similarity to Oracle Apps ERP
  • Open & common technology
  • Common & Standard OS : Windows / Linux
  • Few thousands installation globally
  • Available in 14 international languages
  • Large and Active community globally