KDiscover – Enterprise Knowledge Discovery

With the explosive growth of online data and enterprise data has  necessitated data-based solutions are increasingly crucial. Accordingly, methodological development for business intelligence, as well as IT-system and business process monitoring, has become a focal point . Monitoring data that has been collected over time is used to make processes more efficient, effective, predictable, and profitable. Challenging aspects include handling large time-dependent data with varied characteristics, producing accurate and practical forecasting methods, and developing analytics relevant for business decision-making. Companies need new and efficient ways to unlock value and derive meaningful business insights.

To differentiate organization needs ability to quickly and effectively use data at enterprise level.

For example, Engineers can spend 40 percent of their time searching for the information they need to solve problems and develop solutions. On average, they consult 13 or more unique data sources and can spend up to 30 to 40 minutes locating a single document.

The problem is compounded across an enterprise, where hundreds or thousands of engineers/ officers  must locate information scattered across business units, geographies, directories and systems.

BrainWave Consulting’s KDiscover lets enterprises identify opportunities and risks hidden in the text of corporate and web data. It reduces the cost of document storage (through it’s complex de-duplication logic), security and compliance. KDiscover’s powerful text analytics engine reads millions of pages in hours identifying what content matters most. Kdiscover’s understands industry language and through it’s Natural Language Processing engine, clubs documents together based on content inside document.

BrainWave Consulting’s KDiscover will point you to the trends, topics and issues exposed in those documents, posts, articles and emails. Within minutes, you can drill down to the right content out of millions of documents so you can be a step ahead.

KDiscover – Enterprise Knowledge Discovery from BrainWave Consulting is a scalable platform that accelerates and enhances research, problem solving and innovation capabilities of engineers and other technical professionals. Powered by state-of-the-art NLP and Semantic technology, Enterprise Knowledge Discovery helps, quickly access the information they need – regardless of location, digital format, or language – in order to solve problems, complete tasks and deliver value to the organization.

With Enterprise Knowledge Discovery, companies can

  • Understand risks and opportunities with-in documents
  • Reduce cost of storing documents
  • Accelerate research and improve information discovery
  • Boost engineering productivity and efficacy
  • Eliminate rework, waste and the repeating of past mistakes
  • Promote reuse of best practices, lessons learned and tribal knowledge

KDiscover – Industry Solutions

BrainWave Consulting’s KDiscover comes with pre-built industry language dictionaries. The Machine learning mechanism in KDiscover adopts the dictionary based on the organization’s documents and data. Kdiscover has solutions for

  1. Medical
  2. Legal
  3. Airlines