Smart AP – Invoice capture and Automation

It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out, it’s the pebble in your shoe – Muhammad Ali

  • “Ability to capture and analyze non-standard Invoices with latest technologies”

  • “Invoice processing with built-in intelligence and machine learning”

  • “Enables anytime, anywhere, any device  access in the cloud”

  • Smart AP for a Strong Financial Supply Chain

  • Ability to capture and analyze non-standard Invoice with latest technologies

  • Invoice processing with built-in intelligence using machine learning

  •   Smart invoice aggregation and validation, for Easy payment process


Account Payable Digitalization

As an organization continues to grow, they rely on a greater number of vendors. The high costs associated with invoice processing continues to grow as the volume of invoices expands. Many organizations have simply centralized or outsource their Account payable function and reduce costs through labour arbitrage. Today, Digital technologies offer efficient and intelligent solutions that address the core “classification, extraction and automation issues” and help account payable departments optimize processing time and cost of their financial supply chain.

Smart AP solution helps in

  • Digitize your Account payables and speed-up invoice approvals
  • Digital Invoice Processing – Read and Scan manual invoices
  • Automate exception-handling, with built-in business rules
  • Capture and classify invoice data elements with intelligent logic
  • Mapping to create e-invoice in standard format – which is acceptable by ERP
  • Ability to avoiding late payment fees and potential for capturing early payment discounts from suppliers

“Value Generated”

  • Reduction of manual efforts via Automation and Machine Learning algorithms
  • Reduction of human error
  • Faster speed of processing invoices
  • Reducing vendor inquiries
  • Better cash management and improved operational efficiency