Smart AP – Smart Account Payable

Smart AP is an industry leading account payable digitization solution, by providing intelligent invoice capture to help companies save time and cost

  • “Ability to capture and analyze non-standard Invoices with latest technologies”

  • “Invoice processing with built-in intelligence and machine learning”

  • “Enables anytime, anywhere, any device  access in the cloud”

  • Smart AP for a Strong Financial Supply Chain

  • Ability to capture and analyze non-standard Invoice with latest technologies

  • Invoice processing with built-in intelligence using machine learning

  •   Smart invoice aggregation and validation, for Easy payment process


Processing of invoices from different formats and converting them into a machine understandable format. With most of the invoices received by corporations are still in manual format, it needs big manual effort to convert these manual invoices into digital format for processing.  This manual process is error prone and can create multiple Account Payable issues.

Smart AP solution helps in

  • Digitize your Account payables and speed-up invoice approvals
  • Digital Invoice Processing – Read and Scan manual invoices
  • Automate exception-handling, with built-in business rules
  • Capture and classify invoice data elements with intelligent logic
  • Mapping to create e-invoice in standard format – which is acceptable by ERP
  • Ability to avoiding late payment fees and potential for capturing early payment discounts from suppliers