Then the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the world. While commerce did not grind to a halt, it did significantly change. Some industries, like airlines and the service industries, saw immediate pain, and one that will linger until effective vaccines are widely available. Life sciences and healthcare were important and growing before, but COVID-19 demanded a change in business as usual to address the crisis. Sign and label making companies surely have surged to make new signage for everyone to navigate a 6 foot (or 2 meter) world. Certainly more people in the world now painfully understand the phrase “supply chain” as the major source of global personal protective equipment (PPE) just happened to be the epicenter of the pandemic in Hubei Province, China, and their local stores now frequently run out of products that have always been readily available. Working from home (WFH) is now commonplace and companies scrambled to provide the technical and business process infrastructure to support their now mainly remote workforce.

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