CIMdata 2022 PLM Market & Industry Forum
“Sustainability: PLM Essential to Facing this Global Challenge”
Sustainability has gone from one of many topics in corporate social responsibility (CSR)
programs to a global imperative. Combustion and release of greenhouse gases have
raised global CO2 levels, and recent commitments to reduce them will fall short of the
mark. Ever-growing floating islands of plastic bottles and other waste clog shipping
lanes worldwide, slowly degrading into microplastics that are ever-present in our water
and, increasingly, air. Much of this degradation results from product creation, logistics,
use, and disposal. Thus, PLM is essential to a systemic response. Leading PLM software
and service providers are defining the needed metrics, measurement approaches, and
enabling technology for their industrial clients. Those clients are pushing toward the
“triple bottom line,” assessing CSR efforts based on impacts on people, the planet, and
profit. In this Forum, CIMdata will highlight the overall issue and focus on how the
global PLM Economy is responding and how well their industrial clients are achieving
their sustainability objectives.

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