3DEXPERIENCE Widget Development

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is renowned for empowering organizations to reimagine products, experiences, and business operations.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is renowned for empowering organizations to reimagine products, experiences, and business operations. While the platform offers extensive functionalities, clients often seek customized solutions to align with their specific process requirements or to facilitate easier access to data and reports.

Traditionally, organizations have customized the user experience (UX) or workflows of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to enhance performance and efficiency. However, companies tend to avoid traditional 3DEXPERIENCE customizations due to its inflexibility. These customizations typically alter the core system, leading to potential complications during upgrades and maintenance. Moreover, they often encounter functionality, scalability issues, and compatibility problems with future updates.

A widget in 3DEXPERIENCE offer an upgrade-friendly customization of 3DEXPERIENCE platform which accurately aligns with business process providing ease of access to specific data or reports through better User Experience.


An upgrade-friendly alternative to traditional customizations of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is offered through Widgets. Widgets can be implemented on cloud or in premise and provide a modular approach that seamlessly integrates with the core 3DEXPERIENCE platform without requiring customization. They function as small web applications, simplifying maintenance and upgrades.

Leveraging widgets, clients can personalize dashboards, access real-time data from multiple entities, and streamline tasks effortlessly. 

By utilizing Dassault’s widgets, organizations can enhance functionality without compromising user experience, and incur lesser lifecycle costs while seamlessly aligning with existing business processes.

At BWC, our team has extensively developed Widgets for the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Below are some examples:

Engineering Document Management Widget (EDMS)

This drag-and-drop widget streamlines document management by allowing users to update document properties, create new documents for the dragged project, and export all details to CSV, simplifying document management within the system.

Visual Document Status Report

This report provides a visual representation of projects in the form of a chart, offering
pendency and summary reports with added features like bookmarks for easy reference.

Approval Process Widget

This widget enables the complete digitalization of the customer's approval process, allowing real-time approval by the customer's users and providing real-time status tracking within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Project management Widget in 3DEXPERIENCE

The widget enables improved project management with dashboard and statistics. Live project status can be tracked with real time updates from users.
Easy Access
Widget streamlines and enhance the plan appraisal process. The widget provides a user-friendly interface within a larger system, allowing users to efficiently manage and assess project plans. By utilising the widget, users can easily navigate through the plan appraisal centre process, helping a smoother and more organised evaluation of project plans, ultimately improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the appraisal workflow.

Results Achieved

The implementation of BrainWave Consulting’s strategic solutions brought about transformative outcomes, reshaping the landscape of engineering data management,
  • The streamlined processes and improved design methodology significantly enhanced overall efficiency, making design workflows more cohesive and reducing delays and inconsistencies.
  • Rigorous validation of the Bill of Materials (BOM) and meticulous correction of data inaccuracies ensured a robust foundation of accurate data.
    • BWC team reduced at least 2000 duplicate parts per vehicle.
    • Per BOM, Reduced 1500 to 2000 duplicate parts.
    • 13 BOM (Buses were migrated) and approx. 15,000 parts per BOM.
  • Effective version control mechanisms and the removal of incorrect versions brought about consistency across the entire data infrastructure. This alleviated the risk of working with outdated or erroneous data, improving the overall quality of engineering data.
  • The implementation of connectors and APIs for scripting facilitated a seamless renumbering process. This automation not only reduced manual effort but also minimized the likelihood of errors in component identification.

Business Impact

The amalgamation of these outcomes translated directly into tangible business results. With accurate, consistent, and seamlessly integrated engineering data, our client experienced,

  • By eliminating duplicated parts, ensuring accurate data, and automating processes, the organization witnessed substantial cost savings in both time and resources.
  • Accurate and consistent data empowered the organization to make informed decisions, fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability.
  • Streamlined processes and cohesive data structures enhanced overall productivity, allowing teams to focus on value-adding activities rather than grappling with data discrepancies.