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Embark on a transformative journey into data analytics with Brainwave Consultancy (BWC). We are dedicated to guiding businesses through customized data strategies, utilizing agile methodologies and cutting-edge AI capabilities. Unlock the full potential of your data as BWC elevates your data narrative to new heights.

We pinpoint use cases that align with your business priorities and develop analytics solutions with the appropriate talent and technologies to meet your specific needs. Harness the power of your data to boost performance, resilience, and growth for years to come.

Partner with BWC and shape a data-driven future that propels your organization forward.

Our Data Analytics Services Include

A robust data analytics solution strategy is crucial for any business transformation. We assist you in establishing strong and responsible practices, laying the foundation for sustainable growth and success. Some of these services include:

Predictive Maintenance

With deep industry expertise in data science, we craft customized predictive maintenance solutions utilizing customer-specific models and algorithms to foresee breakdowns and optimize maintenance schedules

Cognitive Document Processing

Our Smart Document Processing solution leverages supervised and deep learning to convert unstructured data into structured, actionable information.

Setup & Migration to Big Data

We provide comprehensive services for setting up and migrating your applications to the Hadoop Stack. Our solution includes the implementation of machine learning algorithms to predict failures and automated user alerts, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition to big data.

Sentiment & Aspect Analysis

BWC offers a unique ML-based solution that delivers specific, actionable insights to organizations, enabling them to enhance their products or services based on customer feedback.

Knowledge-graph Creation

BWC utilizes ML models to process data and present it in a knowledge graph format. Our team, with a blend of business and technology expertise, can create comprehensive knowledge graphs tailored to your needs.

Auto Generation of RFQ for Suppliers

BWC offers an ML-based cognitive document processing solution that, once trained on historical documents, automatically generates RFQs. These RFQs are then seamlessly integrated into your PLM system for further processing.

Why BWC For Data Analytics Services


Optimize Manufacturing Operations

Achieve & sustain operational excellence – Operational Flexibility, Cost Reduction, Better Quality

Eliminate Silos ol Operation

Enable cross-functional manufacturing processes that facilitates operational flexibility, efficiency improvement & resource optimization in production, quality, materials & maintenance.

Optimize Assets

Optimize manufacturing assets through real-time monitoring of OlE and integroted maintenance planning and execution- Reduce Waste, Inventory & Cycle times.

Maintain Visibility

Make informed decisions based on real-time data-Control all manufacturing operations, planning & Analysing production capacity.

Seamless Collaboration

Connecting critical stakeholders with contextual workflows- optimized production processes integrated with other systems & Continuous improvement.
Seamless Collaboration Connecting critical stakeholders with contextual workflows – Optimized production processes integrated with other systems & Continuous improvement. Enables companies to handle all operations across their manufacturing enterprise via a single, unified solution that operates as a highly configurable manufacturing platform.

Looking for Other Tech Services?

Discover our Diverse Technological Expertise in our range.

Technical Application Support

BWC provides end-to-end Technical Application Support, from planning and design to Integration and Innovation.

Digital Factory Solutions

We specialize in delivering innovative Digital Factory Solutions designed to optimize manufacturing processes and enhance operational efficiency.

Manufacturing and Operations

We specialize in delivering innovative engineering solutions tailored to optimize manufacturing processes and enhance operational efficiency

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