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At BWC, we offer cutting-edge PLM solutions powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to accelerate the delivery of innovative customer experiences.

By fostering a consumer-centric innovation process, we enable visionary organisations to achieve sustainable business growth. Our comprehensive 3DEXPERIENCE platform ensures end-to-end continuity from product ideation to manufacturing and logistics, allowing various Industrial sectors to create authentic, sustainable, and personalized products that resonate with consumers. We support wide range of Dassault Systèmes solutions on 3DEXPERIENCE platforms like CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, NETVIBES, and many more.

With BWC, Home and Lifestyle Industry designers can now enjoy a more intuitive way of designing products by leveraging 3D and virtual reality, as well as collaborative applications. This platform enables team members to easily share ideas and innovations, ultimately creating better products to improve consumer lifestyles.

Our solutions suit industrial sectors of all sizes, from large global retailers to start-ups entering new markets. With 3DEXPERIENCE, you can conduct design reviews online and in real-time using 3D Play and in-built PLM functionality. Additionally, you can import your 3D models to produce visual technical publications and work instructions, enhancing efficiency and collaboration across your teams. This seamless integration of tools and data management ensures your business stays ahead in a dynamic market while optimizing product quality and innovation.

Home & Lifestyle Solutions

New Product Development (NPD)

Our 3DEXPERIENCE® platform seamlessly integrates the entire product development process, from quotation to product development, ensuring projects stay on schedule and deliver top-notch customer service. Our tools make it convenient to create 3D models and add more details as the design matures, incorporating new functions and attributes to suit specific customer needs. By adopting a single platform, we consolidate multiple data sources, optimize processes, and ensure competitive operations for the future. This approach breaks down barriers that limit creativity, fostering innovation and efficiency throughout the development lifecycle.

By combining company expertise with new technologies, we enable the creation of exceptional, customized new products that resonate with modern consumers.

Design to Manufacturing

We enable the designing of high-performance, innovative products with a reduced environmental footprint. Our PLM solutions facilitate sustainable product decisions and accelerate design choices with environmental guidance. With SolidWorks 3D Sculptor, companies can create 3D organic shapes quickly and easily using browser-based sub-division modeling. Our tools offer 360-degree 3D product views and lifelike 3D renders to provide a true picture, meeting all your drafting, modeling, prototyping, manufacturing, and laser cutting needs with a robust 2D drafting environment.

Additionally, with CATIA Mechanical, a powerful set of applications built to create and manage sophisticated mechanical projects, new designs get approved faster and more efficiently. This reduces errors through better quality control, ensuring superior product quality and streamlined processes. Our solutions support your journey from concept to creation, making innovation and sustainability achievable.

Supply Chain Management

We optimize production through tactical and operational planning, providing better control over production flows and inventory levels. Our tools enhance project management methodologies, ensuring superior customer performance. By leveraging these solutions, businesses can achieve delivery performance (OTIF) above 90%, ensuring products reach customers on time and in full.

Our integrated approach drives efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, enabling companies to excel in a competitive market while delivering exceptional products and services.

Program Management

We assist you redefine project management and our tools offer program management capabilities, enabling companies to efficiently plan, execute, and monitor complex projects from inception to delivery. With features for scheduling, resource allocation, and risk management, our solutions ensure projects stay on track and within budget. Real-time collaboration tools facilitate communication among stakeholders, fostering alignment and agility throughout the project lifecycle.

Our DELMIA Ortems solutions ensure more fluid production flows and a quick rollout of the solution. It provides a workload planning system that teams can control, sharing the same data sources and the same quality of information simultaneously. By providing visibility and control over every aspect of program execution, BWC’s Program Management solutions empower businesses to drive innovation, deliver excellence, and achieve sustainable growth in a competitive marketplace.

Engineering Data Management

With 3DEXPERIENCE Works data management, data is stored in the cloud and arranged systematically, allowing access anywhere, anytime. This facilitates seamless collaboration among cross-functional teams and enhances project visibility. The transparent data management system controls revisions and their impact on product quality. Our platform improves quality using 3D visualization and collision detection tools, and centralizes engineering data management, including CAD files, specifications, and documentation.

Robust version control and access permissions ensure efficient collaboration, data integrity, and security. Advanced search capabilities enable quick retrieval of relevant information, enhancing productivity and decision-making. Seamless integration with other systems facilitates a connected workflow from design to production. By providing a unified platform for engineering data management, BWC empowers companies to accelerate innovation, optimize processes, and deliver exceptional products to market.

Product Simulation (AR/VR)

Our Product Simulation solutions simulate various aspects of products, including performance, durability, and usability, ensuring optimal functionality and quality. By virtually testing designs before production, companies can identify and resolve potential issues early, saving time and resources. Additionally, our solutions support product variant management and project management through the MODSIM engineering approach, facilitating seamless data exchange between modeling and simulation.

Whether it’s assessing structural integrity, thermal performance, or ergonomic comfort, our simulation solutions provide accurate insights to enhance product performance and customer satisfaction. This comprehensive approach allows businesses to innovate confidently, optimize their designs, and deliver superior products to market.

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Purpose of the software and what is it used for.


Purpose of the software and what is it used for.

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Purpose of the software and what is it used for.


Purpose of the software and what is it used for.

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Be part of the industry’s first look at CIMdata’s analysis of the 2022 PLM Economy. In this industry leading forum, CIMdata will explore the applications of AI across the product lifecycle.
In this industry leading forum, CIMdata will explore the applications of AI across the product lifecycle.
In this industry leading forum, CIMdata will explore the applications of AI across the product lifecycle.
CIMdata’s 2020 PLM Market & Industry Forum, the leading event exclusively for software and services providers in the global PLM
In this industry leading forum, CIMdata will explore the applications of AI across the product lifecycle.
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