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In today’s dynamic landscape, the Power, Energy, and Materials sectors must diversify into new ventures, accelerate innovation, and enhance organizational efficiencies. They need to be responsive in aligning product supply with the evolving priorities and demands of customers and society.

Certain challenges like environmental concerns and increasing public scrutiny drive rising interest in alternative solutions that disrupt traditional business models. Complexity arises from aging infrastructure, technically demanding assets, volatile prices, and low productivity continuously pressure profits in these Industrial sectors.

At BWC, we understand these challenges and offer comprehensive solutions to empower your organization. Our approach addresses key business drivers such as market uncertainty, the need for innovation, navigating increasing HSE regulations, and adapting to workforce dynamics.

Additionally, we keep you ahead of digitization trends in the industry, ensuring your business remains competitive and forward-thinking.

Power & Energy challenges we impacted

Integrated Project Management: Streamlining Operations for Maximum Efficiency

BWC offers comprehensive Integrated Project Management Solutions tailored for the Power, Energy, and Materials industries. Businesses can utilize the Project Planning in 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to seamlessly integrate project management with your resources, tasks, and deliverables, enhancing your ability to plan, execute, and monitor projects.

The Project Planning feature within 3DEXPERIENCE enables users to create, modify, and update project information directly from native management of SOLIDWORKS, CATIA V5, and other xCAD data. Users can connect design data to tasks, eliminating time wasted searching for product information to complete assigned work.

Engineering Document Management: Elevating Precision in Power Systems

BWC’s 3DEXPERIENCE Data Management Integrated Platform harness the power of unparalleled collaboration and data sharing, inspiring unmatched product innovation. Users can create personalized dashboards and communities to review and share the latest product data effortlessly.

You can share information with teams in real time, just as you would on any social platform, fostering seamless communication and collaboration. View, annotate, manage, and share designs from anywhere, at any time, on any device, ensuring you stay connected and productive. BWC’s platform not only enhances data management but also transforms your business operations, driving efficiency, accuracy, and competitive agility. We at BWC help you experience the future of product lifecycle management innovative solutions, designed to meet the evolving demands of modern industries and propel your business towards greater success and sustainability.

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Purpose of the software and what is it used for.

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Purpose of the software and what is it used for.

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