PLM Strategy / Consulting

PLM is much more than just automation of Engineering processes using a technology. It is important to know the destination before starting the PLM journey. BWC enables organizations to define PLM Vision and attain a business case for implementation of PLM. Our expert team has an effective blend of strategy, technology, people and process skills. BWC team has worked with a diverse range of industries and clients. Based on in-depth experience available with the senior team BWC helps in defining implementation Roadmap including comprehensive understanding of business processes, organizational structures and product development strategies

We can help you to assess current status, check feasibility and define PLM blue-print for you to follow to achieve defined benefits. 

Working with Brainwave on a PLM Strategy project, we will help you to:

  • Define PLM Vision
  • Identify the business objectives from PLM program
  • Create a clear, multi-faceted business case
  • Develop a Roadmap will clearly attainable benefits
  • Help you analyze PLM platform to decide on a long-term investment
  • Define a suitable PLM Solution