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What is BIOVIA?

BIOVIA modeling and simulation software allows scientists to perform computations of chemical, biological and materials prop- erties; to simulate, visualize and analyze chemical and biological systems; and to communicate the results to other scientists.

BIOVIA solutions create an unmatched scientific management environment that can help science-driven companies create and connect biological, chemical, and material innovations to improve the way we live.

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Biopharma Quality
& Compliance

Quality is a crucial factor in the Biopharma industry, affecting patient safety, treatment efficacy, brand reputation, and sustainability. Dassault Systèmes provides a comprehensive data-centric approach to Quality that ensures patient safety, treatment efficacy, brand reputation, and sustainability, all based on digital continuity, data integrity, and a "Single Source of Truth."


Today's businesses are overloaded with data, and valuable insights are buried in different data silos, leading to inefficiencies across the organization. While data scientists can help manage the overwhelming amount of data, their supply is limited. As a result, staff on hand are often left with piles of ad hoc analyses and labor-intensive projects that yield little value to the organization. `

Formulations Design

Organizations that produce formula-based products need to ensure regulatory compliance globally and efficiently manage the entire lifecycle, from idea to label. BIOVIA's Formulation Design and Management solution helps manage product complexity and regulatory requirements, leading to increased productivity, cost management, and faster product launches.

Laboratory Informatics

Science-based organizations face multiple challenges, including the need to optimize operations by improving efficiency, maximizing quality, adhering to regulations, and driving innovation. These challenges are also applicable in lab environments, where it's essential to remove inefficiencies and compliance risks from lab processes and foster a collaborative environment for innovation.


BIOVIA offers solutions for organizations to improve efficiency, lower costs, and ensure quality control for their products. Through self-service, on-demand access to data, BIOVIA provides process development, quality, and manufacturing users with the ability to access data from different sources and paper records. The data is then aggregated and contextualized, and ad-hoc statistical investigations can be conducted.

Molecular Modeling And Simulation

Modeling and Simulation provides a detailed understanding of the atomic interactions that underpin product performance. In silico testing enables researchers to explore new ideas with minimal risk and lower costs, opening up new avenues for innovation. By linking the virtual and real worlds, researchers can better guide their projects by using virtual tests to inform physical ones and vice versa. This approach leads to the creation of better-performing, safer, and cost-effective products, which in turn leads to improved patient outcomes.

Scientific Informatics

Collaboration is key to scientific discovery, and diverse teams require diverse content across various disciplines such as cheminformatics, bioinformatics, proteomics, genomics and more. It's critical for organizations to provide researchers with the necessary tools to effectively analyze and share this content to maximize its impact.

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ENOVIA Portfolio


A Product Data Management (PDM) solution


For virtual product modelling, lifecycle management, & more


Design, engineering and analysis solutions via browser

Industries applied


BIOVIA software in Transportation & Mobility is utilized for digital simulation and optimization of manufacturing and assembly processes, enhancing efficiency and quality in the production of vehicles and transportation systems.


Serves as a comprehensive solution for digital manufacturing, offering tools for process planning, simulation, and optimization, thereby enhancing productivity, quality, and agility in the production of various industrial machinery and equipment.

Power, Energy & Material

Achieve new levels of program success in virtual and physical

Home & Lifestyle

Employed for digital modeling and simulation to streamline manufacturing processes, enhance regulatory compliance, and optimize operational efficiency in pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

& Offshore

It is tailored for digital simulation and modeling, optimizing production processes, ensuring safety in shipbuilding and offshore engineering projects. It aids in streamlining design, manufacturing, and assembly workflows.


Facilitates digital manufacturing and simulation, enabling the optimization of production processes, assembly sequences, factory layouts, and compliance in the manufacturing of aerospace and defence systems, including aircraft, spacecraft, and military equipment.

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