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What is ENOVIA?

ENOVIA PLM software is the product lifecycle management backbone of the Dassault Systèmes portfolio, used by many of the world's largest and most technically advanced manufacturing enterprises to streamline their organization.

ENOVIA can be used for a wide range of technical and business applications, allowing enterprise stakeholders to contribute to product development.

Product Planning and Program Management; Requirements Management; Quality and Materials Compliance; IP Classification and Protection; Design Management; Bill of Materials Management; and Configuration and Change Management are some of the specific disciplines in the ENOVIA ecosystem.

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ENOVIA's Planning portfolio facilitates the linkage of each product or service portfolio definition to its corresponding product plan. This connection enables companies to be agile in response to shifting market trends, while maintaining transparency from start to finish, from requirements to delivery.

By utilizing the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for planning purposes, businesses can confidently achieve development and product cost targets. Combining program and project management capabilities with data from various parts of the organization in a single dashboard delivers crucial intelligence to make informed decisions.

Virtual Product

ENOVIA's Virtual Product Development portfolio, available on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, facilitates the integration of mechanical, electrical, systems, and software designs into a comprehensive product definition. A multidisciplinary approach promotes efficient and real-time collaboration across the value network, allowing businesses of all types and industries to streamline the innovation process and shorten design cycle times.
By utilizing a configured virtual product definition, teams can more easily explore and produce product variations that cater to evolving customer preferences. The integration of the entire value network into the innovation process uncovers new opportunities for collaboration and assists in overcoming obstacles early in the development process.


ENOVIA's Value Network portfolio enables the creation of a value network that can adapt quickly to market changes by providing modeling, simulation, building, and operational capabilities. By facilitating collaboration between engineering, manufacturing, and the value network, suppliers can be selected to minimize product costs and meet quality and regulatory standards.

By establishing value network relationships, sourcing decisions can be made earlier in the development process, avoiding expensive decisions later on. Working with suppliers on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows for the sharing of requirements, leading to decisions that align with cost and sustainability goals.

Collaboration &

The aim is to establish structured collaboration and governance, allowing all participants in the value network to share knowledge, enhance productivity, improve quality, and reduce costs.

ENOVIA's Collaboration & Intelligence portfolio, part of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, provides companies of any size with a solution to eliminate departmental silos and fragmented communication tools. Teams can collaborate in a unified environment to brainstorm ideas, create tasks, and develop project plans, all in one place, enabling efficient idea execution.

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ENOVIA Portfolio


A Product Data Management (PDM) solution


For virtual product modelling, lifecycle management, & more


Design, engineering and analysis solutions via browser

Industries applied


Facilitates seamless collaboration and optimization across the value chain, enabling efficient development and management of vehicles and mobility solutions.


Enhances collaboration and streamlines the product lifecycle management of industrial machinery, optimizing processes and improving productivity.

Power, Energy & Material

Achieve new levels of program success in virtual and physical

Home & Lifestyle

Facilitates regulatory compliance and enhances collaboration in the design, development, and manufacturing of medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

& Offshore

Streamlines project management and collaboration, optimizing the design, construction, and maintenance of marine vessels and offshore structures.


Enovia enables comprehensive product lifecycle management, ensuring seamless collaboration and optimization in the development of aerospace and defence systems.

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