• Smart AP is an enterprise back-office automation Solution. It provide intelligent Invoice processing solution that accelerates invoice capture and validation by using intelligent algorithms in combination with Digital technologies.
  • SmartAP enables structuring the unstructured data capture by reading and extracts data from images (OCR), PDF and emails. SmartAP allows Account Payable staff to put aside traditional and time-consuming data entry tasks, and focus on optimizing financial supply chain.
  • Insaas is a solution to analyze customer review and feedbacks regarding product or services and provides actionable dashboard which delivers consistent insights on the performance of products and services.
  • BWC has developed the solution with unique machine intelligence, developed specifically for this task. BWC has used deep learning methods and supervised learning to analyze customer reviews coming from multiple sources to generate critical inputs for marketing purposes, market research and product development.
  • Based on specific statistical data models and algorithm developed a predictive analytics solutions.
  • Solution such as Realtime failure warning & prediction system to use for pump failure prediction used an oil and gas production of a leading corporate.
  • Solution includes clean up IOT based input data, pre-process, analyze using specific data model developed and then UI for end user Function experts.
  • K-Discovery is solution to convert unstructured file system to a structured knowledge management system. Generation of extract with new Taxonomy & Classification after due cleanup.
  • It provides search recursively within content, files / folders. It has ability to define user defined extract to be effectively used further for knowledge management.
  • User defined extract to be effectively used further for knowledge management. Addresses all files types to avoid manual work for exceptions.

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