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Product Lifecycle Management


BWC’s business-driven approach defines project objectives that are aligned with customers' business goals. We work with our customers to help define PLM blueprint based on respective requirements. Rich experience of our leadership aptly supported by tools and techniques create great results.


BWC implementation methodologies focuses on leveraging PLM capabilities, improving business processes while keeping customization to minimum.


BWC enables customers to take advantage of latest features and technology of 3DExperience by providing Upgrade to latest version.

Augmented Intelligence

Predictive Maintenance

Rich industry experience coupled with application of best suitable algorithm and custom models, PM to reduce failures while minimizing the cost.

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Cognitive Document Processing

Smart document processing solution using supervised and deep learning to process document to convert from unstructured to structure data.

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Setup & Migration to Big Data

Setup and migrate application to Hadoop Stack. Implement ML algorithm to predict failures, provide automated
user alerts.

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Smart Manufacturing Enablers

  • Integration of new technologies within the factory heralds a new age of manufacturing like AI, ML, augmented reality and the Internet of Things. These technologies effectively leverage other enterprise applications such as PLM, CAD, ERP, CRM, HR, Fin and others.
  • Product Innovation and Design platform 3DExperience provides excellent support of sustainability, data management, configuration management, traceability, process & knowledge management, availability and stability. These are crucial requirements of product innovation and development.
  • Technology solutions such as IoT, Big Data, ML based solutions provides intelligent machines, informed manufacturing and automation. Creates new routes towards lighter capital intensity and increased value.
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AI/ML based technology solution to provide specific actionable from customer feedback for overall product / service enhancement.
Product innovation platform with excellent support of through-life configuration management & traceability, process & knowledge management.
End-to-end digital integration of engineering across the entire value chain.
Digitization, effective utilization of web infrastructure helps to create effective collaboration with supplier, dealer irrespective of geographical location.
Vertical integration and networked manufacturing systems.
Cyber-Physical Production Systems comprise smart machines and production facilities that have been developed digitally.
With implementation of technology to digitize process and documents, focus on data, improve data quality creates good information to improve quality.
Digitization and integration across production facilities, warehousing and outbound logistics.
Leveraging plethora of technology, hardware and applications available judiciously for the enhancing customer experience, integration and optimization across business.
Enhance customer satisfaction and hence better contribution with optimization of overall cost.

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Founded in the year 2012 by two Industry experts, Brainwave (BWC) has been providing technology solutions to various business functions for industries such as Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Telecom and Airline and Insurance. Enterprise application (PLM), Open source, ML and AI Technology are some of the best technology solutions offered by BWC.

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