Digitize your Manufacturing Processes
with DELMA

What is DELMIA?

DELMIA transforms the way companies optimize, orchestrate, and execute their value networks, from suppliers, to manufacturers, to logistics and transportation providers, to service operators and workforces.

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a state of change, considering their need for greater insight into their business, and greater ability to react quickly to changes both internal and external to their operations, more companies are looking to digitise their processes and procedures.


Supply Chain Planning
& Optimization

DELMIA Supply Chain Planning and Optimization (SCPO) offers reality-based planning and optimization capabilities for complex business processes within supply chain, logistics, and workforce operations. It supports planning at all levels and horizons, from strategic network planning to manufacturing scheduling, resulting in next-generation supply chain efficiency that is crucial to meet customer expectations in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

& Operations

DELMIA Manufacturing & Operations solutions offer a competitive edge by providing optimized results through manufacturing execution systems (MES) that track and document the transformation of raw materials into finished goods, thereby ensuring sustained operational excellence. These MES capabilities are further enhanced by DELMIA's augmented reality capabilities, which leverage cutting-edge technologies such as interactive 3D, computer vision, AI, and deep learning.

Collaborative Operations

DELMIA Collaborative Operations is a critical component of the 3DEXPERIENCE Operations vision, which emphasizes sustainable and lean manufacturing practices, fosters better team relationships, and enables visualization of 3D content and data in a digital framework.

This innovative solution empowers teams to collaborate effectively, solve problems, and foster creativity.

Industrial Engineering

Smart manufacturing requires precision and accuracy from design to meeting global demand, and DELMIA Industrial Engineering provides the tools to achieve this. The software enables customers to accurately plan and optimize their entire operation using 3D process and resource planning tools, resulting in efficient build-to-order and lean production systems. Additionally, the simulation tools facilitate concurrent optimization of manufacturing assets and planning, streamlining the manufacturing process.

ENOVIA Portfolio


A Product Data Management (PDM) solution


For virtual product modelling, lifecycle management, & more


Design, engineering and analysis solutions via browser

Industries applied


DELMIA optimizes production processes in transportation by designing efficient assembly lines and simulating manufacturing workflows, ensuring streamlined operations and improved productivity.


Streamlines manufacturing processes, facilitating precise planning, simulation, and resource management for increased efficiency and quality assurance in industrial equipment production.


DELMIA software in aerospace and defence optimizes manufacturing processes, ensuring efficient assembly, simulation, and resource management for enhanced productivity and quality assurance.


Achieve new levels of program success in virtual and physical

& Offshore

Used for digital simulation and modeling to optimize production processes, improve efficiency, and ensure safety and quality assurance in shipbuilding and offshore engineering projects.


It is employed for digital modeling and simulation to streamline manufacturing processes, improve regulatory compliance, and enhance operational efficiency in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

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Be part of the industry’s first look at CIMdata’s analysis of the 2022 PLM Economy. In this industry leading forum, CIMdata will explore the applications of AI across the product lifecycle.
In this industry leading forum, CIMdata will explore the applications of AI across the product lifecycle.
In this industry leading forum, CIMdata will explore the applications of AI across the product lifecycle.
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In this industry leading forum, CIMdata will explore the applications of AI across the product lifecycle.
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