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What is CATIA?

A Broad Range of Integrated Solutions

As the World’s Leading Solution for product design and development, CATIA presents the unique ability to not only model any product but to do so in the context of its real-life behaviour.

Systems architects, engineers, designers, construction professionals, and all contributors can define, imagine and shape the connected world.

Used across a variety of industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, plant design and consumer goods, CATIA can be used to support all phases of the product development process, shortening development cycles to help you create products and bring them to market faster.

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Digital Continuity For Buildings And Infrastructures CATIA provides a comprehensive range of 3D modelling and experience solutions that enable architects, engineers, owners, and governments to go beyond traditional project delivery methods and collaborate seamlessly. This ensures complete digital continuity for diverse project teams on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform throughout the entire design, engineering, and delivery process.

Design & styling

Catia Design/styling For Product Excellence Enhance design innovation, CATIA Design/Styling offers key elements such as developing creativity in shape and material, achieving high surface sophistication and quality, and using physical and virtual prototypes as decision-making tools. CATIA Design/Styling provides a range of solutions for design creativity, surface excellence, and product experience, including 3D sketching, subdivision surface, Class-A modeling, 3D printing, reverse engineering, visualization, and experience.


Catia Engineering Excellence As products and experiences become more complex, meeting performance and quality targets has become increasingly demanding. CATIA rises to this challenge by enabling the rapid development of high-quality mechanical products. Mechanical engineers who use CATIA's 3D modeling tools can gain insight into key quality and performance factors early in the product development phase.

Systems Engineering

Mastering The Cross-discipline Systems Development Process Developing intelligent products has become increasingly difficult, requiring developers to adopt an integrated systems engineering approach that can manage the entire development process. This approach encompasses various aspects such as requirements engineering, definition of systems architecture, detailed modeling and simulation of complex systems, and the development of embedded software.

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ENOVIA Portfolio


A Product Data Management (PDM) solution


For virtual product modelling, lifecycle management, & more


Design, engineering and analysis solutions via browser

Industries applied


Empowers efficient design and engineering of vehicles and transportation systems, ensuring innovation and optimization throughout the entire product lifecycle.


Enables precise design and engineering of industrial machinery and equipment, optimizing manufacturing processes and enhancing productivity.

Power, Energy & Material

Achieve new levels of program success in virtual and physical

Home & Lifestyle

Supports the design and development of innovative medical devices and pharmaceutical products, ensuring compliance and enhancing patient care through advanced engineering solutions.


Industry-leading solution for advanced design, engineering, and simulation, used to develop cutting-edge aircraft, spacecraft, and defence systems with precision and efficiency.

& Offshore

Streamlines design and engineering processes for marine vessels and offshore structures, facilitating efficient development and optimization of complex maritime projects.

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