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What is SIMULIA?

The SIMULIA technology range covers 3D simulation software for disciplines such as structural mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, multibody dynamics and electromagnetic field simulation for a true multiphysics simulation approach.

SIMULIA applications accelerate the process of evaluating the performance, reliability and safety of materials and products before committing to physical prototypes.

With SIMULIA, you can make virtual testing and analysis a standard business practice, helping you to reduce errors and accelerate innovation with everything you need for FEA, CFD, FEM and co-simulation analysis all within one unified package.

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A Comprehensive Set Of Process Capture, Management, Replay, And Deployment Capabilities In order to maximize the value of simulations in design, it is important to have a systematic approach that includes Automation capabilities. This allows users to develop, store, manage, deploy, share and reproduce standardized methods for simulation-driven design.


Electromagnetic Simulation Technology Including Cst Studio Suite To Guide Design Decisions And Improve Product Performance And Quality The CST Studio Suite technology is integrated with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, making it possible to simulate a wide range of high-frequency and low-frequency scenarios related to electromagnetic performance and device placement in an efficient manner.


Steady-state And Transient Internal And External Flow (including Heat Transfer) Around And Through Solids And Structures Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (cfd) Directly Connected To The Design Geometry Computational Fluid Dynamics technology is used in the Fluids discipline to study steady-state and transient internal and external flow around and through solids and structures.

Multibody Dynamics

Multibody Simulation Technology To Verify Complex Product Motion The Multibody Dynamics discipline offers technology that allows engineers to simulate the complex motion, kinematics, dynamics, and performance of any mechanical or mechatronic system. It includes a browser-based environment powered by the Simpack multibody simulation solver, which enables the behavior of product mechanisms and systems to be validated and improved.


Drive Innovation By Exploring Multiple Alternatives Across The Complete Range Of Operating Scenarios, All To Make Better Decisions And Find Optimal Designs. The Optimization discipline enables the automation of simulation methods with varying parameters using Insight technology, allowing for design space exploration and optimization.


A Comprehensive Set Of Structural Analysis Solutions Using Abaqus Fea To Guide Design Decisions And Improve Product Performance And Quality The Structures simulation discipline employs Finite Element Analysis (FEA) using Abaqus for modeling linear and nonlinear static, thermal, dynamic, and impact effects in solids and structures.


Capabilities To Model And Simulate Complex Multi-disciplinary Systems The Systems discipline in SIMULIA provides engineers with the ability to model and simulate complex multi-disciplinary systems that may include control systems, mechanisms, flexible bodies, and multiple simulation domains such as fluid-structure interaction.

Ways to Implement SIMULIA in Your Business

ENOVIA Portfolio


A Product Data Management (PDM) solution


For virtual product modelling, lifecycle management, & more


Design, engineering and analysis solutions via browser

Industries applied


Utilized for virtual testing and simulation of vehicle performance, safety, and durability, aiding in the design and optimization of automotive, aerospace, and other transportation systems.


Enables comprehensive simulation for structural analysis, material behaviour, and performance optimization, ensuring robust design and reliability.

Power, Energy & Material

Achieve new levels of program success in virtual and physical

Home & Lifestyle

It facilitates advanced simulations for medical device design, biological modeling, and tissue engineering, ensuring innovation and safety in healthcare technology.

& Offshore

SIMULIA software in marine and offshore engineering ensures structural integrity and safety through advanced simulation, enabling analysis of complex structures, materials, and environmental conditions for optimal design and performance.


It is employed for virtual testing and simulation of aircraft and defence systems, ensuring structural integrity, performance optimization, and regulatory compliance throughout the design and development phases.

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