Digital Transformation in Steel Production

Leveraging 3DEXPERIENCE for Efficient Document Migration and Management

A global leader in the steel industry was facing significant challenges with their existing software infrastructure. The outdated data management solution, GEMCOM Hub, was causing inefficiencies in managing contracts and vendors effectively.

The existing software was client-server-based, posing limitations in scalability and accessibility to critical data. The transition from the outdated GEOVIA Hub to the advanced 3DEXPERIENCE platform was filled with difficulties. The client lacked the necessary expertise to handle the complexities of the migration. As it involved careful extraction and precise migration of 58,000 documents of 30+ different types to reduce complexity.

This case study sheds light on how BWC (BrainWave) successfully overcame these hurdles to streamline document management, improve project handling, and enhance collaboration.

Key Features of the Issue

Outdated software and scant technical assistance

The existing client-server-based programme GEMCOM Hub had scaling and accessibility issues, making it hard to get hold of technical help.

Obsolete GEMCOM Hub

The central component, GEMCOM Hub, was outdated and required upgrading for efficient data management.

Inadequate Data and Document Management

The organisation battled with effective document and data administration, which impacted project, contract, and vendor management.

Lack of Expertise for Migration

Technical knowledge to handle the complications of the migration process from GEMCOM Hub was unavailable across the globe.

Conducting an Evaluation of Issues

The leading steel manufacturer was employing GEMCOM for key operations such as project, contract, and vendor management. They were also using Excel for data storage and management. However, the current software, GEMCOM Hub, was outdated and no longer provided any technical support. Moreover, finding technical professionals well-versed with GEMCOM Hub was a significant challenge.

This problem was further exasperated by the absence of any documentation related to the outdated system within the company. These issues were posing serious obstacles to both business scalability and data accessibility. Consequently, the steel manufacturing company decided to transition to a new project management platform.

Approach to Migrate from GEMCOM

Since there was no documentation available for GEMCOM and there was lack of support we followed following three-pronged approach to gain understanding on current architecture and usage of GEMCOM

Interviews with GEMCOM users

BWC began by conducting interviews with GEMCOM users to understand the data and usage patterns associated with GEMCOM aimed to gain an understanding of both the user experience and the data landscape of GEMCOM.

Collaboration with Dassault

We contacted Global Mining team of Dassault Systemes for insights into data storage, maintenance, and extraction, however the information on GEMCOM Hub was limited.

Reverse engineering the existing data

Eventually we decided that Reverse Engineering the existing data and mapping attributes will bear faster results. Thus, we analysed the types of data stored, the structure of the data, how frequently it’s accessed or modified, and any patterns or trends in the data.

Migrating to 3DEXPERIENCE

  • We mapped metadata of the source data based on the specified data types of the target system was challenging.
  • The way attributes were kept in the source system were different from the target system (3DEXPERIENCE platform). Thus, the mapping of these data units to newer formats was an arduous process. We had to convert the existing metadata based on the identified data types of the target system.
  • Achieving accurate attribute mapping required a significant amount of programming work.
  • Specialized document types were developed because of the complexity in data mapping.
  • Customised document types allowed us to map different attributes in the source system.
  • While migration we made sure all the attributes were properly extracted.
What We Did?
What Was the Outcome?
Documents Were Categorised by Location Inside the Corporation
Getting access to the data from the specific location and finding required documents or projects became easier. Allowing easier data organization.
Conducted IT and Admin Training Sessions for Groups Of 30-40 Users
Ensuring Faster System Adoption, Efficient Workflows, Reduced Errors, Enhanced Collaboration within Teams, and Increased Productivity
Developed Specialised Tools for GEMCOM Hub
Efficient Data Extraction and Migration To 3DEXPERIENCE


The difficulties in team collaboration, knowledge acquisition and sharing were solved by switching from GEMCOM to 3DEXPERIENCE. Improved teamwork because of the streamlined management of projects, contracts, and vendors made possible by improved document management capabilities, precise classification, and attribute mapping.

Employees were equipped with knowledge they needed to use the new system, thanks to training sessions. The time spent on manual data management was cut, which resulted in monetary savings and improved productivity.

Users were able to access required documents swiftly without going through array of files, thus safeguarding sensitive information.

Summary of what we did

  • Retired obsolete application and unsupported infrastructure.
  • Implemented integrated data management platform.
  • Simplified the data structure.
  • Migrated file data along with metadata from GEMCOM HUB
  • Provided collaborative data access.
  • Implemented Project management solution.
  • Adopted single platform for all Mine planning activities & Integrated with Mine planning solution.
  • Provided Training & Post go-live support.

The scalable design capabilities of 3DEXPERIENCE ensured efficient response to shifting industry demands without incurring hefty IT costs.