PLM Audit and Improvement

Organizations have increasingly implemented PLM systems over the past decade, to where PLM systems are virtually ubiquitous in Automotive and Aerospace industry while other industries have a good amount of penetration. However, as common as the systems are, many organizations have still not taken advantage of the full capabilities of a PLM environment and implement the philosophy of PLM which will yield them greater returns.

For example, it is critical for Automotive OEM to build their PLM systems on effective “core” configuration management practices, which involve keeping track of product structures & variants, related requirements, and controlling and tracking changes over the lifecycle. However, many organizations are using PLM as a Document Management or Automation system. 

Apart from this the other issue organizations are facing is “Adoption by User”. This can be because of multiple reasons. It can be because the system implemented is not usable or it takes longer to perform tasks from PLM. Many times the organizations are not structured to take full benefit of PLM where they don’t have Super Users which will guide the new user into the system.

  • At BWC, we help organizations understand the current implementation gaps with respect to the user’s expectations, identify the issues related to implementation and find the problems pertaining to usage of PLM in proper way.
  • We help organizations develop roadmap to fix the issues through the audit process access all records related to implementation, discuss with users to get their inputs about the system, identify challenges, observe the usage, follow the data through full lifecycle of the system & finally identify the points and steps which organization can take to fix these issues.